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Look at me! i *suck* at this live journal thing- well for the time being anyhow. aww well- ive been busy. i guess thats a good excuse. no it isnt, who am i kidding.
so today- i made this totaly nerd kid to spaz out- like he actually LOST it- we were having a water fight right, and he wasnt really involve. he was just kinda standing there. so of coure i jump on the issue that hes just doing nothin g so why not get him involved because hes a total nerd and probly has no good fun times. aahaha i soaked the CRAP outta that kid- Man oh man- he lost it- i was actually scared for my life for about 20 sec- then it passed and i laughed even more. i hate kids who cant take "it"
- and i was wearing my dtC pin too- haha just representin aaalll the way (it wasnt violent- just maybe a bit mean---meh!)
ciao kids!!
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