when youth pass away (xbusterx) wrote in deaththreatcrew,
when youth pass away

Longtime, Sunshine...

it's been for freakin EVER! I've got lists of new members too. My webspace is just being switched over *so* I'll wait for that till I update the page. Here's a list of all the people that have officially paid and have their buttons:

Steve Willows, Luke Nielsen, Bryan Goehringer, Dusty McDonald, Mike Kiesz, Jesse Jarvis, Kelsea Stephenson, Lois Jones, Jared Sauder, Amy Hales, Kenji, Jordan Weibetzahl, Emily, Brett Jarvis, Tamara Benson, Adelle LeBlanc, Kira Desrosiers [her button is coming], Steph Schnieder, Hunky Ben, Matt, Sarah, Calvin, Lindsay, Lindsay's friend, Pam [from my church], Melody Phipps, Tyler McPhedrain, Jonathan Fluevog, Lucas Lawrence, Matty B, Sheila, Karlie, James Fox, Dairn Peters, and The cute girl from Sammy J Peppers!!

That's about it for now -- there are a few buttons that went out but it was at a show and I lost their names.. If you know someone who is in the crew [and has paid] but they arent listed please let me know who they are!!!

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